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Is Your land Worth Retaining?


Retaining walls transform sloping blocks. Instead of your land being a nightmare to mow and becoming a torrent in wet weather, why not enjoy the benefits of having the earth moved for you, with a retaining wall that will control both the land and water on your property to create a space that can enhance your lifestyle.

At Power Landscaping, we do this kind of work all the time. With expert handling of our earthmoving equipment, we create retaining walls with integrated drainage systems that will keep erosion at bay. Levelling new flat areas can be done to create several landscape zones or create useful and attractive tiers.
Landscaping your block—especially if it is sloping or uneven—is an investment that will add great value to your property. It’s a game-changer, not only to allow for more user-friendly gardens but also to create more usable space for a swimming pool or a play area for children.

At the point where the gradient is disrupted to create the newly flattened area, a retaining wall will be needed. And when it comes to the look of your retaining wall, there are many options to choose from.
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Your retaining wall can be a striking architectural feature
It could also be planted with succulents to enhance the look of your pool surrounds. The choices are many. At Power Landscaping, we offer Rediwall, dry-stack block wall, concrete block wall, and more.

Our success as a landscaper throughout the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas, owes much to our ability to provide solutions that satisfy both form and function. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help choose the most suitable option for your landscape.
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Dry Stack Block Wall


A dry stack block wall is another popular option for retaining walls. With its mortar-less construction, a dry stack block wall is straightforward and quick to build. Mortar has no great benefits in terms of strength and durability, in any ... Read more
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Concrete Block Wall


Concrete block walls can be a great fit for your retaining wall or to create landscape zoning in your yard. They are durable structures and flexible when it comes to shaping and other design details, including colours and textures.